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What is AICE?

stands for Advanced International Certificate of Education. The program is administered through the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and is offered around the world in more than 161 countries.

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What are the benefits of the AICE program?

Future College Preparation
courses are designed to provide students with access to highly rigorous course content that helps students work with college level curriculum while being supported by all of the academic, socioemotional, and extracurricular resources that SFMHS has to offer.

Financial Preparation
AICE courses require an end of the year exam. The cost of the exam is paid for by the school. If students pass the exam they earn college credit towards any one of thousands of Colleges and Universities around the world.

The AICE Diploma, when earned, combined with 100 hours of community service automatically qualifies students for the Florida Academic Scholars Award from the Florida Bright Futures Program, which covers close to 100% of in-state tuition.

The AICE Diploma

A student may take any AICE course at any time in their high school career. However, in order to qualify for the AICE Diploma. Students must pass a minimum of 7 AICE courses. There is flexibility in how a student may earn the Diploma, but all students must meet these minimum requirements:

Global Perspectives and Research

Group 1:Mathematics and Science

Group 2: Languages

Group 3: Arts and Humanities

Group 4: Interdisciplinary Studies
(only 2 courses are allowed from this group)

For a complete listing of SFMHS's AICE Courses 
Go to AICE Planning Guide

Cambridge Planning Guide

A level vs. AS level Courses
A level courses are considered two credit courses. So, if a student earns a passing score on an A level course they earn 2 credits in that group towards the AICE diploma. A level course are often two year courses. AS level are less rigorous than A level course and thus only offer one credit towards the diploma.  These courses can be completed in a single academic year.

Assessments are given at the end of the academic year (typically April and May) and makeups are offered in November of the following year. Assessments vary from course to course but usually are heavily reliant on reading and writing skills. Most exams are taken over a two-day window. Some courses include practical projects, portfolios, and oral presentations as part of their exam requirements.

For a complete list of exam dates for the 2022-2023 academic year, please Go to Exam Schedule.

Scores awarded to students range from A through E (although no AS level course can earn a score of an A). E is considered a passing score. In order to earn the AICE diploma students must obtain 140 points towards the diploma.

Cambridge Exam Points

Cambridge Passing Levels

Cambridge AICE Diploma With Distinction: 
Awarded to students with a score of 360 points or above.
Cambridge AICE Diploma with Merit: Awarded to students with between 250 and 359 points.
Cambridge AICE Diploma at Pass Level: Awarded to students with between 150 and 249 points.


Are You Ready for Cambridge?

  • Are you curious?
  • Do you possess good time management skills?
  • Are you independent and can work without constant oversight from your teacher?
  • Do you have a growth mindset and are willing to learn from challenges and mistakes?Do you possess good reading and writing skills?

    If you answered yes to the above then look below to learn how to apply.

Cambridge/AICE Application Process

(Applications accepted January 17th - 27th, 2023)

How do I apply for the Cambridge/AICE Program at South Fort Myers High School?

 STEP 1: Go to Lee County School Student Enrollment and register for high school (South Zone). You will need the confirmation receipt from student enrollment to complete your application.

*Parents will receive information from the Lee County School District by 1/13/23 about how to enter their child's student school choice student enrollment application in FOCUS via their parent portal; there is no PIN required. If you do not have a parent FOCUS account, you will find a link to create a your account on the Lee County School Student Enrollment webpage. 

 STEP 2: Gather the documents you will need to submit the Cambridge/AICE Program application (this is a separate application in addition to the School Choice student enrollment application completed with the school district):

 Documents to submit WITH the Cambridge/AICE Program application (1/17-1/27/23):

  • Student Enrollment confirmation receipt
  • Copy of student's 8th grade, 1st Quarter report card
  • Most recent FSA ELA and Math test scores (can be found in parent’s FOCUS portal under progress monitoring, or check with student's counselor to get a copy of the student's Academic History)

STEP 3: Complete the 2023-24 South Zone Advanced Program application and submit the required documents listed above between January 17th thru January 27, 2023. This application may be submitted with required documents electronically via google form, emailed, or hard copy.


Link to 2023-24 South Fort Myers High School Cambridge/AICE Google Form application

Link to access the 2023 - 2024 Advanced High School Programs of Study Application (English)      

Link to access the 2023 - 2024 Advanced High School Programs of Study Application (Spanish)


If submitting application via hard copy you may drop off at the South Fort Myers High School front office (6:30-2pm), send US Mail, or email Theresa Grodzki, the SFMHS Cambridge Coordinator at [email protected].

DEADLINE TO APPLY for the Cambridge/AICE Program 


Acceptance letters will be mailed out in early February. A letter of intent must be returned to the school (e-mail, mail or drop off) by the indicated date on the acceptance letter or the seat will be made available for another student.

For current SFMHS students wishing to join the AICE program please contact Ms. Grodzki vie e-mail below; Please put "Cambridge Program" in the subject line

For additional information regarding Cambridge contact:

Theresa Grodzki 
[email protected] 
AICE Teacher/Student/Parent Support Coordinator

Taylor Locke
[email protected]
AICE Testing Officer Coordinator

Additional information can be found at the following website:

Also please check out the attachments posted below.

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