Color Guard

Color guard is a competing team as well as a team used for ceremonial purposes. You will find them at every home football game as well as any organized event that requires presenting the colors. This team has the honor of representing our flags and compete at competitions with a series of drill commands to successfully present the colors in a professional fashion.


Drill is a fundamental part of most of our teams. It it gives us a sense of order and discipline. A proud part of JROTC; offering not just a team experience, but also a chance to make friends as close as family in a team-building environment. Each event that the Drill Team competes in, there's a feeling of confidence, pride, determination, and the promise of domination.


In JROTC, there is a team that strikes fear into the hearts of those who competes against them. With pride, determination, and skill, Wolf Pack Exhibition, known as "The House of Spinning Rifles" has been making a name for South Fort Myers High School throughout the state of Florida. Exhibition is spinning rifles in a uniform manner. Led by the current Male and Female captains, there are many high hopes for the future of this team.


The Marksmanship team provides a way to shoot small targets with extreme precision through determination and skill. With two small varsity teams and a few alternates, Marksmanship is very selective about who competes and who does not. If you are part of Marksmanship, consider yourself one of few that represent a very powerful team.


Raiders is the most physically challenging team offered by our JROTC unit. In being on this team, you will push yourself to your limits. As a raider you will go to competitions to test your strength and knowledge of safety procedures. Raiders is open to all cadets who are willing to stick through training. Every practice is mandatory.