There are some things cadets need to know if they wish to climb through the ranks in our program. One of the most important things to know is the cadet chain of command. Our chain of command is our cadet leadership, the cadets in charge of our program. In knowing this, you will be more likely to succeed in this and most JROTC programs.

Cadet Chain of Command

Brigade Commander: Cadet COL Antonio Orama
Deputy Brigade Commander: Cadet LTC Gavin Fehr
Brigade Command Sergeant Major: Cadet CSM Krystal Garcia
Brigade Chief of Staff: Cadet LTC Katiria Soto
PCBO: Cadet LTC Jennifer Maldonado
Battalion 1 Commander: Cadet LTC Samantha Suslick
B1Command Sergeant Major: Cadet CSM Nicole Santana
B1 XO: Cadet MAJ Ashton Bills
Battalion 2 Commander: Cadet LTC Christina Trapp
B2 Command Sergeant Major: Cadet CSM Angel Rubio
B2 XO: Cadet MAJ Diego Franco