South is a Comprehensive Academy High School.

Most students at South Fort Myers High School take advantage of the numerous career academies available to them. These academies enable our graduates to enter the job market with marketable skills and competencies that are required by today’s industries and businesses. SFMHS offers unique academies. Many of our academies offer certification upon completion of the third year of the academy. Students are able to finish their high school careers with advanced knowledge of potential majors.

Automotive and Welding


The purpose of this program is to prepare students with the necessary skills, knowledge, work habits and attitudes to successfully enter and advance in the automotive field as an entry-level technician. 

Industry Certifications:
ASE Automobile/Light Truck Certification : Auto Maintenance and Light repair. G1
ASE Automobile/Light Truck Certification : Brakes. A5
ASE Automobile/Light Truck Certification: Suspension and Steering. A4



The Welding Technology Fundamentals 1 course prepares students for entry into the welding industry. Students explore career opportunities and requirements of a professional welder. Content emphasizes beginning skills key to the success of working in the welding industry. Students study workplace safety and organization, basic manufacturing processes, metals identification, basic interpretation of welding symbols, and oxyfuel gas cutting practices. Students demonstrate learned skills by creating and producing a finished product.

Industry Certifications:
AWS Certified Welder



Cyber Security

This course will provide hands on experience of cyber security fundamentals including network security and security management including firewalls, anti-malware, network protocols, and network ports.  This course is an exciting addition to our academy programs.

 Industry Certifications: 
MTA 98-366 Microsoft Networking Fundamentals
MTA 98-367 Microsoft Security Fundamentals

Digital Design

This academy offers students a unique atmosphere in which to interact with teachers, community, and peers with projects for the classroom and the school.  Students will have access to the Master Collection of the Adobe Creative Suite which allows hands on learning with the latest software.  All students have the opportunity to earn industry certifications within the Adobe Creative Suite. Digital Design prepares students for entry into the graphic design industry.

Industry Certifications:



As a main component of the finance academy, South students operate a Suncoast Credit Union “Wolfpack Branch”. Students and staff can use this on-campus branch to make deposits, loan   payments and open new accounts. This program provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the world of Finance & Accounting. 



Allied Health Assistant

Allied Health involves an intense and challenging curriculum that prepares students to enter into various roles in the medical profession.  Students will have the opportunity to gain experience by performing skills in the laboratory and clinical settings.

Possible Career Choices: Pre-Medicine, Pre-Nursing, Medical Technology, Medical Laboratory Research, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Forensics

Industry Certifications:
EKG: Electrocardiogram
CMAA: Certified Medical Administrative Assistant


Certified Nursing Assistant

Classroom instruction includes an introduction to healthcare: nursing skills, body structure and function, infection control, CPR, and the job-seeking process.  Students participate in supervised clinical activities on and off campus. With certification, students can gain employment in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, clinics and other medical facilities.

Industry Certifications:
CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant



This program prepares students for employment or advanced training in the veterinary assisting industry. Courses focus on planning, management, finance, underlying principles of technology along with labor, community, health, safety, and environmental issues. Students are given the opportunity to gain hands on experience through on campus labs and off campus internship placement.

Industry Certifications:
CVA: Certified Veterinary Assistant


Military Science and Leadership


Mission: To motivate young people to become better citizens

Vision: Foster character and citizenship skills while strengthening leadership abilities

JROTC Special Teams


The drill team consists of the color guard, exhibition and precision marching team. Drill team practices and performs routines at various competitions in the local, state, regional, and national level.


Marksmanship is a challenging team that teaches discipline, concentration, and precision. Cadets compete in accordance with the civilian marksmanship program.


The Raider team is a physically and mentally demanding team that is not for people of weak will. All will be put to the test at the annual competition, where teams will need to execute a rope bridge, 5K run, cross country rescue, first aid test, and other varying events.


The Academic and Leadership teams are both composed of six cadets. These cadets in total compete at various competitions that train their mental & logical aptitude, testing them with both ACT/SAT type questions. Teams that excel in phase II competition are invited to compete nationally in Washington D.C.


Public Service

Criminal Justice

This academy allows students to acquire the investigative, analytical and communication skills required in the legal profession. Practical skills and field experiences are an integral part of the curriculum and include courtroom demeanor and  testifying, report writing, interviewing, interrogation techniques, communications, fingerprinting, emergency preparedness techniques, and interpersonal skills.


Fire Fighting

Future firefighters will study fire behavior, investigation, and prevention along with the history of the service. Third year of the fire academy is taught off campus at the Fort Myers Fire Academy.

Industry Certifications:
Fire Fighter I
First Responder



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TV Production

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as writers, directors, editors and on-air camera personalities. The program familiarizes   students with creative writing, desktop publishing, television production, photo-journalism, and investigative reporting. 

Industry Certifications:
Adobe Premier Pro



The yearbook academy gives students the opportunity to work as writers, photographers and editors. Students  participating in the program gain real world experience raising and managing budgets, meeting deadlines, and mastering InDesign and Photoshop.


Digital Information Technology

Digital Information Technology

Students taking this class will have the opporutnity to receive three certifications: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Students will also recieve their online credit which is required by the state.